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 Anime Galaxy's General Forum Rules

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Nina Shihare

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PostSubject: Anime Galaxy's General Forum Rules   Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:16 am

This is a forum where rules are important so I expect every member to take some time to read over these long and boring rules. We try to keep them as simple and clear as possible, but it's important for everyone to know what they can and cannot do, and what to do if there are problems!

Member Guidelines

1. Courtesy Show your fellow members the courtesy they deserve and avoid getting into fights/conflicts as much as possible. If a member is being rude to you, ignore them or talk to a Moderator and they will resolve it for you. It's really important that we get along like a good family should!
2. Respect Respect the staff members - they are staff for a reason. Listen to what they tell you, especially if it involves the word "stop." If a staff mistreats you then report them directly to me, I'll do whatever I need to do to solve the issue.
3. Profanity Profanities are indeed allowed, within reason. There is a big difference between saying "That's fucking awesome!" and "Fuck you!" - remember to be courteous at all times (rule #1!) There are better ways of expressing yourself, and we strongly suggest you use them.
4. Privacy A rule as old as the internet - don't post your personal information! There are all kinds of nasty people out there who will do bad things with it if they find it.
5. Theft We won't be held responsible for what users post; we discourage stealing links from other sites and uploading whatever you want to share on your own, however we're not going to police that sort of thing because it's virtually impossible to. Do note however, that plagiarizing signatures/graphics/stories/[insert other type of creative work here] and claiming it to be your own is not tolerated. Don't steal.
6. Adult Content This is important, please do keep your avatars and signatures as clean as possible, yaoi and yuri are certainly allow but make sure they are not to the point where they are savagely ripping each other shirt off while on sexual romps; this goes for straight couples as well. Basically anything that wouldn't show up on American cable television isn't good for here, either.
7. Posting a picture You can use any free hosting service website, as in,,, etc.
8. Reputation This forum has a system in place where you can give both positive and negative reputation to one another. While you can note some sort of seniority among members by their postcount, reputation is supposed to denote the quality of a user's contribution to the forum. As such, you should give positive reputation to a user for their contributions - primarily uploads or request fulfillment. Repping another user without an appropriate reason will be penalized as follows:
1st infraction - reps received will be removed; users will be directed to read the rules
2nd infraction - both sender and receiver will have 3x the amount given removed from their totals
3rd infraction - sender and receiver will have 6x the amount given removed
4th infraction - reputation reset to 0
Negative reps can be given to users who mistreat you, though reporting the offender to the staff is a better way of going about things. Neg rep given for no good reason will be reflected back on the sender in similar increments to those stated above.

General Forums Rules

1. No Flaming Simple, straightforward, and a continuation of the Courtesy part of the Member Guidelines - civil discussion and debate is of course allowed, but once things get past that, contact a moderator. We don't allow anyone to insult or make fun of others. Don't be mean.
2. Spamming No double/triple/multiple posting. Don't post anything meaningless (like "nice work!" or "hot render!") - just give the user a +rep instead; they'll appreciate it more. Don't be an adbot and flood the forum with ads, either, that will get you instantly banned.
3. Discrimination Racism, sexism, and any other kinds of degrading discrimination are not allowed at all. If you have a problem with certain differences whether it is culture, sex orientation, or gender, etc... keep it to yourself. If you're found to acted with bigotry of any kind, you will be banned (either temporarily or permanently, depending on the circumstances.)
4. Spoilers Try to keep any spoilers about the anime/manga you're following hidden with spoiler tags and a warning to let people know that it's a spoiler you're hiding, not just a big image or whatever. You don't want to ruin the series for someone who just started it, even if it's an oldie.
5. Hentai/Adult Content Hentai vids/manga/doujin uploads are allowed in this forum. Posting pictures with adult content is fine, provided you hide it behind a spoiler tag and indicate that you're hiding it because of the adult nature.
6. Signature Rules Amount of Sigs - you are allowed to have 20 lines of codes in your signatures, max TWO signatures with the size mentioned above ( Rule 1-3 ). if you have more, you can use spoiler tag but make sure all signatures do not exceed 500,000 bytes. Max signature / images you can have in your spoiler is TWO
Read more at the Signature Rules Thread
7. Requesting Requests can only be made if you have more than 30 posts. Before that you don't have any reputation power to thank whoever satisfies your request with, so be patient. Keep graphics requests in the Graphic Request section, and misc. requests in the normal Request Section.
8. Posting an anime in the download section You may create a thread with the anime preview pic + preview + download links. Please follow the rules in the announcement which can be found in every section in the Downloads Section, in order to post an anime/hentai/manga/etc in the downloads section.
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PostSubject: Re: Anime Galaxy's General Forum Rules   Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:56 pm


1.No disgusting Images unless its under a spoiler.
2.No Multi Accounting or we will perma-ban them all except your original one if you want a different name just change it in your profile. if you get caught twice
doing multi accounting its a perma-ban.
3.Attacking this Forum will result in temp ban if continues then permaban
4.No Bots or Ads
5..All these Rules apply to the chatbox too

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PostSubject: Re: Anime Galaxy's General Forum Rules   Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:27 pm

hmmmm, i see, its pretty straight forward. Well i hope that this forumn will be as cheerful as winz00e
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PostSubject: Re: Anime Galaxy's General Forum Rules   Fri Sep 14, 2012 5:48 pm

Read All Rules

i love miku ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Anime Galaxy's General Forum Rules   

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Anime Galaxy's General Forum Rules

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