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 How to Create a Club [Must Read!]

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Nina Shihare
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How to Create a Club [Must Read!] Empty
PostSubject: How to Create a Club [Must Read!]   How to Create a Club [Must Read!] EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 4:01 pm

In order to create a club thread please follow this layout:

Title Of the Club:

-A picture-

-A brief welcome or description-


-Members List-

-Club Banner-

1.Do not add a club without an official banner. Even if its a bad one, just add it anyway.
2. You MUST keep the members list updated. If it goes a week without an update (unless no members have joined), a Warning PM Will be sent to the Owner of the Club. If the warning is ignored and 1 more week passes, The Club will be Disbanded and the Thread will be Deleted.

Don't know how to make banners? How to make the titles look cool?
Use Photoshop! Look Online for Tutorials! Its easy! Smile

How is the layout supposed to be?

Club Title

1. Be a registered member of this forum.
2. Additional rules.
3. Additional rules.

Owner of Club: [b]Your name.[/b]
Co-owner: If you need someone.

Official Members:
insert the names here.

Official Club Banner: You may get one, sooner or later, or just warn the users to put a text banner in their sigs if they want.

If you're creating an anime club, you must add the following:
  1. To download this anime episodes from Anime Galaxy visit:
    -link for the thread-
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How to Create a Club [Must Read!]

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