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 Infraction System

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Nina Shihare
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Infraction System Empty
PostSubject: Infraction System   Infraction System EmptySun Mar 18, 2012 3:01 pm

Please make sure to read the rules, respect and not cause troubles to prevent infractions and banning.

There are three things where we would permanent ban right away:

- Insult the staff members.
- Talks bad about about Anime Galaxy in multiple posts.
- Is a spambot (spamming advertisements.)

Other then that, the infraction system applies to everything else in term of violating rules.

-Infractions can either be set to expire within a defined time frame or they can be set to never expire. When an infraction expires, any associated points that were given with the infraction will be removed from the user's points total and the user's infraction groups will be recalculated.
Each infraction is worth 2-10 points, some were set to expire and others would never expire.

Automatic banning

If a member reach 30 points worth of infraction , the system will ban him/her for 3 days automatically.
If he/she reaches 60 points, he/she gets permanent ban automatically.
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Infraction System

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