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 Signature Rules

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Nina Shihare
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Signature Rules Empty
PostSubject: Signature Rules   Signature Rules EmptySun Mar 18, 2012 5:12 am

Please keep these rules in mind if you wish too use an image for your signature . The Signature Rules are only loosely enforced. Never-the-less, signatures that violate these rules will be replaced with a warning. Members who ignore this warning and keep violating the Signature Rules will be temporarily banned. Annoying signatures, or those that break the General Rules, may be edited or removed without warning at the sole discretion of the staff.

Signature Rules

1. Size Limits - In order to keep The Forum fast for those who wish to see signatures we feel it is necessary to impose limits. Various combination of images and text are permitted in signatures; these are summarized below:
-Text Only: Text only signatures may have a maximum of (10) lines of text (including blank lines), assuming the default font size or smaller. Larger font sizes means that fewer lines are allowed.
-Images Only: 500,000 bytes or less: Maximum of 500 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall
-Image and Text: Signatures with both text and images may have a maximum of two (4) lines of text, assuming the default font size or smaller. Larger font sizes are not permitted. Like i see ppl use font "7" That is huge to show in your signatures, max you can use is "3" without bolding it! you can bold your text with size "2" . 500,000 bytes or less: Maximum of 500 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall.
2. Type of Images - This is important, please do keep your avatars and signatures as clean as possible, yaoi and yuri are certainly allowed but make sure they are not to the point where they are savagely ripping each other shirt off while on sexual romps; this goes for straight couples as well. Basically anything that wouldn't show up on American cable television isn't good for here, hardcore iamges or those soft images which are too revealing isn't allowed as sig. please keep that in mind.
3. Amount of Sigs - you are allowed to have 20 lines of codes in your signatures, max TWO signatures with the size mentioned above ( Rule 1-3 in General Rules). if you have more, you can use spoiler tag but make sure all signatures do not exceed 500,000 bytes. Max signature / images you can have in your spoiler is TWO
4. Hosting images - you are allowed to host your signatures via external image services i.e. or any other site. Do not use Anime Galaxy to host your signature on it. Some members might hotlink their signatures from their albums, this does hurt the overall bandwidth of the site and is forbidden.
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Signature Rules

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